I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately and how to work in the current environment in a way that reflects my beliefs best. After almost three wonderful years of running the shop, I have decided to bring this chapter of the A. brand to a close.

Some of you have followed my journey from the very beginning - friends, family, strangers who either came to one of my pop ups or came across my work online and on social media.  Thank you so much for still being here today and giving me your time by reading this message.

Last year I have started RÅN studio with my partner, Robbie. And I love what we do so much. I love our clients, I love how much I learn, I love how much we grow and how we can work on meaningful social projects that can create change.

The A. brand doesn’t really offer this kind of social engagement and in the current political and environmental climate I’d simply like to do more. At the moment I can’t see how my silver pieces would create change on a bigger scale and ultimately the brand would only profit me and people who work with me on the pieces. What I’d like to achieve is to work in a more ethical and sustainable way.

I believe it’s important to follow what matters to us most at the time of change, and there is a lot of it at the moment, that’s why I have decided to close the A. shop.

Thank you to all the amazing women (and men) who supported my work and who are wearing the silver pieces I crafted, it means the world to me and I’ve met so many fantastic people through the journey that this allowed.

As a treat for you and a huge thank you - everything that I have in stock I have now discounted to £50! So get yourself one last piece on here. The shop will close completely on the last day of September. I will be posting more pictures on Instagram under @_agatha_

Agatha x