silver = Ag, atomic number 47

I work with silver.

Here's a very short film about my creative process. 



A. stands for Agatha. And Anna - my middle name and my grandmother's first name. Anna is the inspiration behind everything I do and the person who introduced me to silver as a metallic element - Ag. She taught chemistry and when I was little we'd do all sort of wonderful, explosive experiments in her kitchen.

Agatha A. Nitecka silver work shop artist studio Anna



In 2009, silver resurfaced in my fine art work through the medium of analogue film photography and silver gelatin process. It's a photographic process used for black and white films and printing papers, and it involves working with light-sensitive silver salts. 



I've also been working in the film industry exclusively taking 35mm analogue photographs on sets for film posters and press. The full list of films I worked on is on IMDb


Agatha A. Nitecka silver work shop artist studio Agatha A.



After working with photography for a few years, I felt a longing to work with my hands again. Over 10 years ago I trained in sculpture at Chelsea College of Art. Working with sterling silver reconnects me to what I love and miss the most: the time I spent with my grandmother and my initial exposure to silver through her afternoon lessons, and the countryside where she was the happiest. All my early memories are either of the time spent by sea or in the mountains. And I feel some things should never change. I live in London, but I sit by the fire in my garden whenever I can, go for long country walks with my dog and sell freshly baked bread at the farmer's market. Most of my silver pieces are inspired by things I see in the country and the natural treasures I have collected while out on a walk.


Agatha A. Nitecka silver work shop artist studio mountains lake


BA, Fine Art, Sculpture, Chelsea College of Art (Manresa Rd)
MSc, Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies, UCL
PgCert, Photography, Central Saint Martins (Charing Cross)