how to care

Be kind.

Try to take your jewellery off for the night, even if you love it very much.

Keep it dry - don't take a shower or sit in a bath wearing it, or swim in it.

Avoid contact with lotions and moisturises if possible.

Keeping your jewellery in a box, ideally something airtight slows down the oxidising process - the darkening of your piece which happens naturally over time.



All the pieces and chains are made from 925 sterling silver. Which means they oxidise just because they are exposed to oxygen. This is normal. It's a good idea to give your silver jewellery some love and polish it with a piece of soft cloth every now and then. Silver jewellery can be cleaned in warm soapy water.  Rinse it thoroughly and dry before storing to avoid tarnishing. 




All gold elements are plated using 22 carat yellow gold using the process of electroplating (by coating 925 sterling silver with 22kt yellow gold and passing an electrical current through the piece).

Take care when handling gold-plated jewellery to protect the layer of gold from excess wear and scratching. 

The gold-plated piece won't get any darker, but the gold might wear off after a while especially if you expose it to water or lotions, or wear when sleeping in it. Always avoid wearing gold-plated jewellery whilst swimming - chlorine can permanently damage or discolour the gold-plated elements.

I'm happy to offer a gold re-plating services to my customers for a small fee. Please get in touch if you're interested.





All pieces are handcrafted with the utmost care and it is important to me that you love wearing your jewellery and I want to help you keep it looking its best. Due to natural wear and tear over time, your jewellery may require a little love and attention. 

I offer a cleaning service to my customers for a small fee. Whether you’d like a piece to be refreshed or re-plated please get in touch for a quote – I’d love to help.