two new projects at the London Design Festival / South East Makers Club

I'm again taking part in the official London Design trail, and I will be launching two new projects at the South East Makers Club. Come and see me this weekend!

Firstly, I will be showing a few new designs from my latest silver collection which is an exclusive LDF preview. This includes a dinosaur (my personal favourite), popcorn for film lovers (have you already seen God's Own Country which I shot the poster for?) and a baby unicorn (just to add a pinch of magic). There will be more!

Secondly, last year I started working with a community of women in the Carpathian Mountains to create most beautiful winter jumpers. The level of their craftsmanship is extraordinary, but the craft of making these traditional mountain jumpers is disappearing, only a few women can knit these. By inviting them to work with me I hope to keep the craft going for a little bit longer, and if all goes well, set up a foundation which will support the local community and their craftsmanship. Do stop by to find out more and try the jumpers on!

(P.S. This picture was taken by James Robjant, styled by Eliza Conlon, hair by Shiori Takahashi, model Sophia Roberts at IMG.) 

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