I've now got a logo and it's my family coat of arms

agatha a nitecka family coat of armsagatha a nitecka - grandmother Anna Lviv family coat of arms


My webshop has a logo! Since the whole silver shop concept is inspired by my gradmother Anna, I’ve decided to use our family coat of arms. 

Anna was born in Lviv (Lemberg), where I went for the first time on one of my winter train journey 3 years ago. I had never been to Ukraine before. Perhaps because she used to say that we were from Galicia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Lviv has only become part of Ukraine in 1991). We lost everything during the Second World War. Afterwards, to survive under the communism she got a fake birth certificate and never went back. Aristocratic families were getting wiped out completely.

During my trip I visited a few museums in Lviv to see if I could find any traces of our family left anywhere, and I was lucky to come across a few objects with our coat of arms. The picture above is of an inlaid table from the time of The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria.

A big shout out and thank you to my friend and all round top human Artem Strizhkov for helping me with the logo. We’ve met when I lived in St Petersburg, Russia. He’s a designer and art director and his work is wonderful. This is his website: https://www.behance.net/artemstrizhkov 

I love how Artem works with logos so wherever in the world you are and whenever you need one do get in touch with him: artstrizhkov@gmail.com

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